In business, the financial and lawful benefits of having efficient, reliable and roadworthy work vehicles should not be underestimated.

Whether you run one or a whole fleet of vehicles we can help you manage your vehicle safety, repair and maintenance systems with our comprehensive range of garage services.


Inspection reportOur technician will visit your premises* and carry out a 35 point inspection, check and top up fluid levels, tyre pressures and replace any standard worn wiper blades and lamp bulbs. A report is prepared on each vehicle for your own maintenance records and also enables us to monitor and conveniently manage any necessary repairs, servicing and MOT requirements.

The frequency and timing of visits can be arranged to suit your business needs and maintenance budget and as each inspection only takes about half an hour you can be on your way in no time.  Our I&M visits are perfect for organisations with two or more vehicles, and take the pressure off staff and drivers with limited mechanical experience.  We can even arrange for a wash and vac at the same time so your vehicles look and feel the business!

*Inspections cannot be carried out on a public highway.


Available on vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes or 16 passenger seats, our Safety Inspections are carried out at our own workshop by qualified mechanical technicians who are VOSA authorised testers.

We will thoroughly check that your vehicle is safe and roadworthy and provide a VOSA recommended report for your maintenance records to ensure compliance with Transport Laws and Vehicle Operators Licences.


Inspections available on all makes and models of hackney carriage / private hire vehicles, and undertaken at our own workshop by VOSA approved MOT Testers.

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